ponedeljek, 24. februar 2014

How long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough? Cause I'm never, never giving you up.

My spirit is traditionaly romantic,
and yours isn’t.
Although I am subtle
and you are the opposite.

We fit.

I will smooth your sharp edges with my soft fingers.
Just like you smoothed mine.
You came along when moments were dark.
And heavy. And bitter.

I wasn't sure,
I had my doubts.
But now…

I know.

Now I have love in my heart.
You can't let this feeling to slip away.

All I want to feel is your warm hand.
Hear those saliva bubbles that crack in the corners of your lips when you laugh.
Do our ridiculous joke dance that we have.
Do that funny handshake I tried to turn into something we would do everytime you come home.

To the man that never cries..
I cry a happy tears for you.
Because You will never be enough.
I will never get tired of you.
And someday in the future, I will go on a journey with you.

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