torek, 14. januar 2014

Those sweet little things

Starbucks coffee mug full of very sweet cappuccino with marshmallows on top.

Trying for the first time cute bath fizzies, 
bath stick and opening a new jar of body scrub.

Remodeling your home, peeling off old paint 
and discovering an old pattern beneath it.

Peeking through window covered with rain drops, 
while you're feeling all cozy and warm inside.

Surrouding yourself with lots of lit candles.

Making sweet cookies, macarons, truffles 
and giving it to your even more sweet friend.

Eating a bowl filled with greek yogurt, peanuts, 
twix chocolate bar and peanut butter.

Reading a book that John Grisham wrote 
and eating dessert in a jar.

Staring at beautiful sunset from your home. 

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